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2009 - Summer Show....



  “Spar Trek”

 Blakeney Players – Blakeney Village Hall

 “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is the oft quoted phrase as the original star ship Enterprise journeyed into the unknown and  this year the Blakeney Players also travel to where they had never been before as the crew of “The Galaxy Rover” leave from outside the local Spar Shop to return home to the Planet Zoost.

 Written by the highly imaginative pen of Ralph Wiggins, who also undertook the demanding role of director, “Spar Trek” is this summer’s big production and it is not just the cast who give a big performance.  John Seymour and his team have once again produced some outstanding sets, which attracted their own applause, and the costumes, especially those of the crew of the Galaxy, are absolutely brilliant. 

The action in the first act does need to be followed fairly closely as the flamboyant American aerobatic veteran Kid Fahrenheit (Dave Long) literally drops out of the skies at the R.A.F.Cockthorpe air show before he is befriended by one of the local earthlings, Daisy Drummond (Jennie Blowers) and the two of them soon find themselves on the flight deck of “The Galaxy Rover” under the command of Commander Rodax (Peter Franklin).

 On the flight deck Iain Mawson and Dave Buckey give a clever co-ordinated performance as they double up as Mr Twix and the hapless Kid is put in charge of flying the spaceship on the basis that he has been an aeroplane pilot. En route they encounter the pirate spaceship “The Black Raider” whose crew is led by King Syro Windborn (Steve Benson). It is no surprise that the act ends with Benson leading the cast in a fine performance of “I am a Pirate King”.

 The musical numbers are regular features of Blakeney Players productions and as well as Benson, Peter Franklin, Merle Hooke and Richard Newton all have the opportunity to show off their voices and Marjorie Davies uses her professional talents to the full as she choreographs the dance routines.

 There are some very clever and subtle lines, the best of which is Kid’s “Zooston, we have a problem” as he struggles to control the space ship but luckily it is able to land on the Planet Lenor where the crew discover their wives, Serania, Persilia and Fabrese! Pure escapism and the show ends on a high as Dave Long struts his stuff as a slightly older Freddie Mercury: “That’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit, I’m travelin’ at the speed of light” and ends with everybody joining in “Don’t stop me now (Yes, I’m having a good time) I don’t wanna stop at all.”

 Cast and audience alike certainly had a good time and judging by the re-action nobody wanted it to stop. The spaceship takes flight again tonight at 8 p.m. and makes another two flights before being permanently grounded. For those earthlings who want to be on board some tickets are still available.

 Martin Braybrook